Pirate Marketplace - Handcrafts and Foodstuffs

Our village of Dry Bluffs comes alive with the bustle of a sea-side port-of-trade. Merchants, traders, and crafts-people from across the isles bring treasures from silks to swords, from gems to jewels. Watch skilled wire-workers, jewel-crafters, and smiths of many kinds as they create fine items for you to take home. Take a look; they be listed below.

Food for yer gob

Pirates travel on their stomachs (and on ships - ships and stomachs).
There's plenty to eat in the town of Dry Bluffs!

Captain's Mess...
...our main grill: burgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs, fries, soup/chili in a bread bowl, soda pop and water.
Plus! Massive turkey legs and tornado potatoes!
Thirsty Parrot Pub...
...our fully-licensed drinking establishment serving ale, brews, lagers, liquid gold... yanno, beer (and other alcoholic drinks as well - come see what we've got)ID required, o' course.
Arctic Import Sno Cones...
...the classic frosty frozen treat
Great White Pickle Co....
...lumpy-bumpy, crunchy-munchy, salty-dill goodness
Ireland Gourmet Kettlecorn...
...candied and perfect (plus lemonade and nachos, too!)
Captain's Bowls Ice Cream...
...cold and sweet, in all the favourite flavours

Marketplace Vendors
Blacksmith LVL 111
...our smith demonstrates this ancient skill
Almost a Mouse
...hats and bits and bobs and creatures and things
Apiary & Mill
...jewellery and handcrafts, pulled from the earth
Beautiful Chaos Creations
...metal works, stamped to your specifics
...a variety of succulent sweets (some slightly tart, and none bitter)
Crafty Goddesses
...jewellry and knitted goods from the craft deity herself
Creative Henna
...from a far-off place, art that is a part of you

Crystal Crow's Odyssey
...hats and hair bits, both piratical and fanciful
doghouse Wood-Design
...wood worked in wonderous ways
DragonFire Studio
...metal art, forged in the dragon's flame
Dubleve Wands
...hats, charms, and other accoutrements for the discerning pirate
...wee charming crafts to amuse and delight
Edward Penner
...exciting piratical kids' tales, of adventures piractical
Enchantments by Luiza
...crystals, carved, sparkly, shiny, fantastic
Facepainting by Dez and Louie
...yer skin is lovely, but it can be even lovlier
Fit for the Gods
...the clothes of the deities can be yours
Gateway Games LARP
...do you LARP? Do yer wanna LARP? You should LARP
Handmade by Kathryn
...grand sweet poppets for your wee sweet one
Into the Labyrinth
...whimsical crafts for your whimsical needs
Iron Phoenix
...fine hides keenly cut, and in fine colours
Jen Lipski Fine Art
...metal and wood, altered by fire
Jai Crystal Jewels
...even pirates can bring the bling
Jim's Chainmail
...from small links come great treasures
LAF Pottery
...what simple clay can be, when spun just right
The Lady of the Lathe
...turned wood to turn your head
Layton Glass Animal Sculptures
...blown glass sculpture to blow your mind
The Little Craft
...nerdly woodcraft, for you crafty nerds
Longbottom's Leaf
...you'll look more serious and mysterious with a pipe in hand
Lost Remnant Crafts
...leather-bound journals and other things with bits of bone and fur
Lunatic & Tide
...lush and deep color, in print and other ways
MacFie's Wizard Shop
...wands, runes, pendulums and all manner of charms to bewitch and perplex
Magpie Costumes
...clothing makes the person anyone that they want to be
Mags Metaphysical
...quartz and crystal, that might be mystical
Medieval Reflections
...costumes and accessories for yer diminutive pirate
Midgard Metalworks & Copper Otter
...the finest leather and copper creations in the nine realms
Oxford Renaissance Festival
...when pirates travel back further in time
Penelope's Pots
...lovely, charming, and somewhat witchy pottery
PlayerBase Merch
...arms and costume pieces from fantasty and reality
Quest for Charity Photo Booth
...get yer photo with critters from all o'er the land
Richard H. Stephens
...delve into the rich fantasy of the Soul Forge universe
Shadow Raven
...lovely scents, smudges, salves, and sprays
Shadow Sands
...create yer own art of sands, captured in glass
Silver Haunt Armoury
...lovingly-made, silver-crafted shiny delights
Skull Store
...skulls, furs, taxidermy, fossils, all ethically sourced
Sword in the Stone Crafts
...sturdy leather goods, both practical and fantastical
Whimsical Squid Creations
...Squids! All the squids! So many squids! Plus also baked potatoes
Wild Growth Creations
...earrings and other wonderous works in wire
Wild Wood Witchery
...hand-made salves, creams, and other silky smooth semi-liquids

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