Entertainment, Shows, and Performances

At Pirate Festival we've got more entertainment than the crew's got scurvy! The most incredible performers and musicians have gathered from all shores to our town of Dry Bluffs, for no reason other than your amusement and amazement.

(And if you'd like distractions of a louder, rowdier, and more racous nature, check out The Captain's Keg party on Saturday night - it's gonna be off the hook! Hook! That's pirate humor, there...)

Just Added!
Here's the Pirate Festival Daily Program - who's performing, where, and when!

Variety Stage Performers
(subject to change without notice)
Kobbler Jay One of Ontario's top buskers, Kobbler Jay's supremacy over the laws of physics is not to be challenged! Using his seasoned arsenal of tricks and fresh wit, Kobbler Jay has captivated, delighted, and charmed audiences in over a dozen countries.
The Mud Show Come watch Mucky Dirtside, Sully Grimes, and Dirty Donald the 3rd (and a half) as they perform the classics with a muddy twist. Action! Adventure! Romance! And mud.
Zoltan the Adequate A show full of bizarre feats of fire and dangerous stunts of daring-do! Come see Zoltan meddle with magic and risk life and limb (and maybe end up with a hook hand - or two), all for your amusement! This salty trickster is sure to awe and amaze you; it's a spectacle that's not to be missed! Brilliant? Amazing? No! Just Adequate.
The Eyrie
Falconry Show
Pirates had parrots and you can anagram 'parrots' to 'raptors', so maybe pirates had fighting birds as well? A demonstration of how humans and hunting birds work together. A chance to see these incredible birds in flight is a rare thing, indeed.
Pirate Superstitions Charles Johnson needs a reminder of the do's and don'ts of being at sea, and Captain William Dampier is just the pirate to teach him his Ahoy from his Y'arrr!
Pirate Sing-A-Long An important part of any sea journey are the songs we sing along the way - come join the crew as they practice their vocals (and warm up for our end-of-the-day pub sing!).

Musicians in the Thirsty Parrot Pub

Erin's Marlore A Celtic trio based out of Southern Ontario, these girls are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who thrive on engaging with the audience. This is the band's fourth year at The Pirate Festival and the girls cannot wait to perform for you all once again!
Three Pieces of Eight    A brand-new band (formed by the mutinous members of other bands), they make their debut at the Ontario Pirate Festival!
The Pub Sing There's no better way to end than to gather in the pub with all the pirates of Dry Bluffs. We'll sing sea shanties both bawdy and serence, tell a few jokes and tales, toast our friends and enemies, and send you off at the end of an incredible day.

Encampments and Atmosphere

Jade Dragons
Pirate Encampment
Captain Charity Ann Rackham and Quartermaster Flint have sailed over to set their camp at The Pirate Festival. They bring with them a touch of education, a swash of character and delightful interaction in the form of games, firing your first cannon, and pirate trivia. Come learn a little and leave with your personal pirate certificate.
Cut and Run
Pirate Encampment
Pirate combat and general tomfoolery! Pirate entertainment and education! And a (foam-sword) fighting pit where you can fight a pirate!
The Vikings
of Vinland

Viking Encampment
Invading the Pirate Festival (in only the best way), the Vikings of Vinland bring an incredible cultural experience. See how the Norsemen live, purchase their wares, and participate in their games, exercises, and demonstrations. But take heed... the Vikings are expanding...
Steeltown Mermaids   
Mermaid Grotto
Do Mermaids really exist? This one sure does! Come visit Pearl in her pool away from home or find her somewhere about the festival. Swimming in from Hamilton, this Steeltown Mermaid is fin-tastic.
Sparky the Dragon Our (good-natured and very friendly) Pirate Dragon Sparky walks about the village in search of his golden hoard. Find him and help him look (or maybe just give him a hug).

The Dry Bluffs Pirates

Joan Brandon Loran Steplock
(ass't Entertainment Director)
A full crew of pirate fun at the Ontario Pirate Festival
Captain Kheir-Ed-DinAntonio DeCoppi
(Fight Choreographer)
Captain William Dampier Kevin Buchan
Gabbi Teller, pub mistress     Litisha Perez
Molly O'MurphySharlene Wegg
Marie-Anne Anne-Marie
 Thérèse Boulanger
Amy Tremblay
Charles JohnsonLord Mike Wild

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