Ahoy - Here Be Pirates!
Saturday July 30st, Sunday, July 31st, & Monday Aug. 1st, 2022
We're open 11am - 6pm, rain or shine!

Come visit the pirate village of Dry Bluffs - a glorious day out for the whole family. There's food and ale; merchants and crafters, and more entertainment than you can possibly imagine.
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Just Added!
Here's the Pirate Festival Daily Program for you to download - get a sneak peek at the schedule of performers so you'll know who's performing where, and when!

Shiny Things!

Come see dashing sword-fighting mixed with savage and bold antics displayed for you by our roguish and swarthy band of.... pirates!

Turkey legs bigger than you can imagine!
There be treasure here!      

Our village of Dry Bluffs comes alive with the bustle of a sea-side port-of-trade. Merchants, traders, and crafts-people from across the isles bring treasures from silks to swords, from gems to jewels. Watch skilled wire-workers, jewel-crafters, and smiths of many kinds as they create fine items for you to take home. Peruse the list of over 30 vendors in our Marketplace.

And! We are now accepting applications for the upcoming season. Go to our Craft Artisan page for more details
Live life on your own terms like a Pirate Captain!

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