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Who is Zoltan the Adequate?

Zoltan is a consummate street entertainer, performing bizarre geek magic tempered with more traditional magic trappings. The character of Zoltan the Adequate is set in the English Renaissance, with appropriate costumes, language, and equipment. The Zoltan show is perfect for any period or themed event from the 1300s right up to the 1700's. Be it indoor or outdoor, small group or large, genteel or coarse, the Zoltan show is flexible, adaptable, malleable and goes great with any side dish.

"Zoltan the Adequate" - the name was given by his father, Zoltan the Not Quite Adequate (a name given to him by his wife). Now, admittedly 'Adequate' may not seem like much of a title, but have you ever gone a single day without meeting someone who was incompetent - that is, less than adequate? As a driver, cashier, co-worker, or lover? Zoltan guarantees 100% adequacy in all he does, and he'll make you laugh while he's doing it.

What's the show like?

Welcoming the audience at the Ontario Renaissance Festival It's a mix of what's often known as geek magic, with a bit of traditional-style magic thrown in (didn't you read the last paragraph?). Classically, geeks are the people in carnival side-shows who do the things that no-one else wants to do - sword swallowing, biting the heads off live chickens, and lying on beds of nails. Zoltan brings that flavor to his stage shows with effects such as nearly cutting off his own arm, fire-eating or piercing his arm with a foot-long rod. He'll do whatever it takes to (adequately) entertain his audience.

For close-up shows Zoltan is also a favorite - there's card, coin and rope manipulations, pounding a spike into his head (really), or working with live rats. That's right - cute, furry little trained critters that ride Zoltan's shoulder while he walks through the crowd. While this may seem weird (and recall two sentences ago where I said I hammer a spike into my head), the rats have proven time and time again to be a real crowd pleaser.

And people like that stuff?

"The audiences are sophisticated, intelligent and have a sense of humor that transcends apparent bad taste, outrageous behaviour and pseudo-cruelty."

- Dr. Doom, Geek Magic

On stage with a volunteer, performing medieval magic The audiences love it. Why? Because you can't swing a dead juggler without hitting one of those card fumblers or rabbit pullers, and Zoltan's different. He doesn't mind injuring himself for a laugh, and he has girls and handcuffs on the stage at the same time. This is 'edgy comedy'. You know that feeling when you're driving along and you pass a police car by the side of the road and you're worried as soon as you pass them that they're going to pull out behind you, all sirens and flashing lights? And you watch in your rear-view mirror, and when they don't follow you there's that moment or two of pure relief and happiness with just a twinge of naseau at what almost happened? The Zoltan show is like a full 45 minutes of that.

Don't believe me? You can come see Zoltan the Adequate for yourself - check out Zoltan's schedule and see when he's coming to a town near you.

I'm still not sure this is exactly what I'm looking for...

That's not a problem! Zoltan will tailor himself and his show to your needs (a tuck here, a hem there...). The show is interactive, so it varies with the audience for which it's being performed. More importantly, it's your show, which means you call the shots - everything can be discussed: the type of show, the tricks involved, even the victims that Zoltan will use on stage. Want a smaller show? Zoltan is a master of close-up and small group magic. And if you still think that this show may be a little too far out for you (ya big wimp!), then you can always go with a traditional, classic show: Andy Blau, Magician.

This all sounds just perfect - how do I contact Zoltan...?

Gosh, I thought you'd never ask. You can email Zoltan at: zoltan@justadequate.com. Make it funny, and he'll get back to you within a day or so, cross his heart and hope to die, stick a needle in his eye. Heck, he might do that anyway... so call now! Now, now! Have your credit card ready; operators are standing by...

Fire-eating, magic, comedy... pain...
Searing flesh is all part of a day's work...
Performances for kids, children, wee ones, young'n's, sprogs...
Young children are the easiest to fool

Looking for something a little more mainstream? Check out Andy Blau, a Magician in Toronto.

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