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"Link, a-dink, a-doo." - Jimmy Durante, misquoted for my own frivolous puposes

These are some links to a whack of people and places I have dealt with through my renaissance festival experiences. If you like my page, that's basically meaningless in terms of whether or not you will like theirs. But what the hey, like you got something better to do?

Hack and Slash - Fine Comedy Swordfighting from a couple of fine comedic swordfighters - and a darn nifty web page to boot. I don't get to see these guys often enough.
The Ded Bob Sho - The popularity of this show is unbelievable (and yet, justified). There is no puppet in the world big enough to express his acerbity, but he has one of the better websites I've seen.
Broon - in the past I have had the great pleasure of sharing a stage with this quick-witted and neatly-goateed indvidual. Plus, he's generous with use of his satellite dish and hot tub...
The Zucchini Brothers - One of the first acts I ever saw at the first renfaire I ever went to, and now I get to work with them. These guys are the best juggling duo ever named after a vegetable. Well, a green spiny vegetable. That starts with a 'Z'.
The Daring Devilinis - Todd and Allison are largely responsible for me being a performer, for helping choose my name, for teaching me fire-eating, and for my aunt's gout.
The Tortuga Twins - Good friends who do top-notch comedy storytelling and gave good advice when I was starting out. Based in FLA, but they perform just about everywhere. Unfortunately, not often enough at the same shows as me.
rUdE sEGue - Quite possibly the most difficult to correctly pronounce act of all the links here. Whether performing SAK-theatre style shows or getting dirty as the Muck Masters, Mark and Jenny are still married. Go figure.
Washing Well Wenches - Hallowe'en '00 was spent in New Orleans with these fine, fine ladies. Which tells you nothing about their show, so click on the link, darn ya!
The Commidiots - Featuring the Dork Boy Whip Show. I couldn't write anything better than that.
The Minstrels of Mayhem - Excellent renaissance music from this fine musical trio - lighthearted and melodic, just like a good Brunswick Stew. They don't know me from a hole in the ground, but I have two of their CD's and they're both really great.
The SCRIBE listings - Ed and Ellen Westfield have worked incredibly hard compiling and maintaining this indispensible list of all the faires in North America, with info on location, dates, hiring, etc.
The Ontario Renaissance Festival - My home faire, and growing every year. Still a fledgling faire, but we now have the largest jousting field in North America. Pure, sweet and young in it's childhood, come out and enjoy the bloom of it's youth...
The Maryland Renaissance Festival - This faire has been around so long it's a Maryland tradition. I do a guest weekend here every year or so, and always have a great time doing it.
The Michigan Renaissance Festival - this is a fantastic festival, with many stages and a whole big whack of different acts. It's only about 4 hours from Toronto, and I give it the Zoltan seal of approval.
The Great Lakes Medieval Faire - a charming, smaller faire, set in Medieval times (before the renaissance, as I'm sure you all know). While still a newer faire, it has some of the finest acts on the cicuit.
The Scarborough Renaissance Festival - ah Texas, where it's legal to carry a weapon with you at any time. You know a faire here's gonna be fun...
The Louisiana Renaissance Festival - a small and starting festival, but the only one in the whole state, so it's gotta be good. C'mon out and help us grow...

"Was this not the greatest set of links you have ever perused?
No, just adequate!"

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