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Last day of the Ontario Faire, 1999 - Part the First
- September, 1998

Water from India?
Nothing like a nice shower after a show...
It was a bright and sunny day - the last day of the last weekend of the Ontario faire. Overall, this had been a tremendous run. The crowds were up from the year before and even more importantly, people were coming specifically to see Zoltan the Adequate. For the entire run, my first show of the day had pretty much everyone on in the fairgrounds in attendance. Can I be clearer about this? It was a great run.

I had some new material and only the best of my older material (I sound like a bad FM station - "The greatest hits of yesterday with only the best of the new stuff!"), including a couple of new effects and some new cheap one-liners (my favorite kind). One of those cheap shots poked fun (gently!) at our resident swordswallower, Johnny Fox (and if you don't know what the line was, shame on you for not seeing the show). In the spirit of the sport, Johnny endured until the last day of the faire, at which he took a measured revenge:

As you can see, he waited until my final bow, and snuck up behind me with a large bucket of cold, wet, soapy water which verily he dumped thereon upon my crown. In other words, he soaked me. Curiously, he waited until my last show, on the very last day, thereby giving me no chance for revenge that season. Clever manuevering or cowardly choice? You be the judge. Nonetheless, for the sake of my wounded pride, I must retaliate this coming season. I have a few ideas, but I'm willing to solicit suggestions from the crowd. Bear in mind that (for right now, at least) this is a friendly prank war, so I'm not willing to take suggestions that will damage his equipment or ruin his show. Just something to show him Zoltan ain't a fancy-pants with a frilly shirt, feathery cap, and tights.

Okay, okay, I know. But the shirt's not really that frilly.

     signed, Zoltan the Adequate
(Photo by Carol & Keith Crawley)

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