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Last day of the Ontario Faire, 1999 - Part the Second
- September, 1998

The summer of '98 was a great season at the Ontario faire. Our third season, and we're finally getting a little notoriety in Southern Ontario. Further, and more importantly, after three seasons working with one another the cast is coming together as a strong ensemble, and is developing a stronger sense of interplay between one-another.

Zoltan and Theresa at the Chapel of Love
Not to be entered into lightly...unless it's for the sake of comedy
One of my favorite characters from last season was Theresa Truedale, our villiage Liar, played (magnificiently!) by Alicia Arcand. For some odd reason, all through the run of the show she persisted in trying to get Zoltan to wed her. Zoltan, unwittingly, promised to "make an honest woman of her" (see, because she's the town liar. Liar - honest woman. Get it? Oh, the merriment! I slay myself). And so, almost daily, she would ask me to marry her, and I would promise that I would, eventually. This was just a small running bit of fun between the two of us, for the general amusement of the people within listening range.

However, on the last day, I could contain myself no longer (that's just a figure of speech, ya understand. If I literally couldn't contain myself, it would get rather messy), and during the pub sing on the last day I in fact cornered her, and much to her suprise, arranged for an actual wedding (performed by the Archbishop Thomas Cranmer himself).

Now at first, Theresa would have none of it. But through my irresistable charm I won her over, and yea verrily, we were wed. Of course, since this was the last day of the faire, not a few hours later Alicia was no long Theresa Truedale (or Mrs. Adequate, more appropriately), and we never had a chance to consummate the marriage (which, I found out later, has nothing to do with soup...). We'll have to see if there's a chance to 'pick up where we left off' this season, since I do have that hour or so break between my shows...

     signed, Zoltan the Adequate
(Photo by Carol & Keith Crawley)

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