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Springtime for Zoltan...
- April, 2000

Okay, I know. I admit it - I've been delinquent about keeping this section, nay, this whole website, up to date. Really though, I have been busy. I've been working on the Ded Bob website, generating work at other festivals, lots of webmastering, and there was that great half-season of Snoops with Gina Gershon...

But I'm back, baby, yeah! Actually, if you've gotten this deep into the site, you can see that all the pages have been revamped. I've changed a lot of the graphics, added more photos, and it should even load a little faster (for those of you with cable connections, never mind).

So wha' 'zup wi' Zoltan for the next little while? Well, those of you in Georgia may have noticed that I'm not at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year. This was a corporate decision, but I think it's just a shame. This would have been my third year there (three time's a charm...), and now they don't have any magician at all. Let alone a bloody, rat-tasting, geek magician. So those Georgian Zoltan fans out there write the GA folks and tell them you're disappointed Zoltan's not there and they should bring him back in 2001. And when you go to the faire, say hi to Broon, Ded Bob, Tuey, the Zucchini Brothers and Dan (in the Wax Wizard Candle booth). And anyone else you see - what the heck.

After a year hiatus I will, however, be returning to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio, for Deaf Awareness weekend (which is always a blast). Then I'll be back at my home faire, the Ontario Renaissance Festival for most of the summer, moving to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in the fall, and maybe finishing my year at the always popular Maryland Renaissance Festival. Of course even though you've just read all that, there's more info on my Tour Schedule Page.

And what will you see if you wander out in search of Zoltan this year? More fire-eating (I'll be setting a delicate body part on fire!), more rats (they're like little teeny kitty-cats!), more blood, and wacky space alien named Gazoo that only I can see...

So c'mon by, tell me that someone reads these things, and if you like, maybe even buy me a beer...

     signed, Zoltan the Adequate

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